still feeling ill

I hate feeling ill, although I don’t like work, it does get boring when you haven’t got the energy to do much apart from watch tv or surf the web. Normally by now I would have done a workout and started work. But hey, more time for planning, And I was due a week off from working out anyway. I like to work out 5-6 weeks, then have a week off. I have cut down from 5-6 days workouts per week to 4 days, since 5-6 days was way too much. Sure it starts off quite well, as at a low fitness level I was doing shorter workouts of lower intensity, but after a while I just stopped getting any stronger, so things had to change.

At the moment I take workout ideas from , , and . I say workout ideas rather than actual workouts, because I always modify to my level.

When I started out my recent and more consistent interest in exercise (started in 2010 around July) I started using workouts from Zuzana in the bodyrock site, sadly once she left, it became all a little bit strange, and the vibe I got from the site was more of a creation of hype and the feeling one has to race towards goals, whilst I prefer having the long-term gradual approach, There is also a strange undertone to the site now  (see these posts and )



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